Workplace Mannerisms

It takes just 1 person to create a web of lies for their own personal benefit and to destroy the bonds you have formed within your team. The word bully pops to mind but then you could argue that the person is just a weak sorry excuse of a human being who isn’t worth any moment of your time.

But here I am. Thinking about it. Mentally battling it out. But why am I?

In the span of 2 months I have identified one place of work where the work place mannerisms of the colleagues resembles something close to a bunch of dogs. Now you may think I am being harsh. The fact of the matter is that every little issue is blown up out of proportion. And who is the centre of all of this. One person. The person I have named dinosaur. I made the mistake of complaining to management about something. Next thing I know this dinosaur is wounded terribly and I am the vicious villian who has delivered the blow.

Now your probably sat here thinking. What the hell is this idiot rambling on about such a ludacris issue for? There is always a moral to my rants.

To all of you people out there who have been subjected to workplace bullying just because you spoke up or just because your different. Believe me these dinosaurs are not worth you time and just focus on the task on hand. Because the law of attraction states any good and positive energy from the brain will radiate out into your life and success is the biggest destroyer of dinosaurs.

Well its currently 1:13am right now and with this off my chest I can fall asleep much more easily because dinosaurs are f*****g t**ts and have the brain capacity of a pea. And on that note I am going to hit the hay…

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Goodnight Dinosaur Crushers!!! ❤