The Ultimate Mens Perfume


It just smells so good. If my man wore this I wouldn’t go to work I would spend all day sniffing him. Your probably thinking what a weirdo and what the hell is she talking about.

YSL L’Homme. (

This is heaven in a bottle. I am not being paid to say this. Legitimately the best perfume I have ever smelt. If I could wear it I would and I am a woman.

It is a bit dear but my dear god 😍

Can you tell I’m in love.

The bottle looks suave, none of this gold bar and fancy schmancy nonsense (sorry Paco Rabanne). I can’t even describe the smell to you guys, it smells sexy!! Simple. YSL have literally made my life complete.

I’m getting emotional now but this is where I leave you. Not a review but just to create awareness of this heavenly scent.

Take care and until next time.