Can’t take it anymore…

As I lie here and you read on, the hope instilled in my soul dwindles even more. The days keep passing by but the same s**t just keeps on happening.

Is it worth it? Shall I give up? Torn between life and death. A decision I need to make.

The laughs, the jeers. Is it me or is it them? Paranoia becomes my best friend. I sit in an emotional mess everyday. Do I really want to go on? 2 years, 3 many more can I take?

I see no light and I hear evil. Do I want to be a part of this corruption anymore?

Save me or kill me. It is in your hands.

This may sound really confusing to most of you guys. However, read deeper and in between the lines. Bullying and suicide is an issue that is growing uncontrablly everyday and it is something dear to my heart. I speak from experience and I know how it feels. Keep going is my advice to you. Karma’s a bitch and it’s going to bite their ar**s soon! Count on it. Make something of youself. Be big. Make them jealous…

Until next time.


Can’t let go…..Oh yes you can!

One of the best feelings in the world is moving on and letting go of someone that is wrong for you. Initially, making this step will be the hardest thing you have ever done, it will feel like almost someone is asking you to give away a part of your heart. You may know deep down in your heart that you have to let go, but its often hope that keeps you hanging on. This type of hope confuses your soul the most, you feel if you just try a little harder you can rectify the situation, truth is you can’t. The longer you stay, is the more you’ll destroy your own self worth. Constantly questioning what more you can do, and why your not good enough. Truth is a person can only meet you on the level they see their own selves at. Remember, their ability to not see your worth is more a reflection of their own character rather then yourself.

Now I can sit here and write in depth about letting go of toxic people  but ultimately it boils down to one thing YOU! You have to realise that this person is negative in your life. Believe me, self realisation counts for a damn lot. Now you may ask, how do I actually get over a person, its easier said than done. Well my answer to this question is that you have to change your thought’s about them. What in effect I am saying is that you have to change what you attach their identity too. So before, you may attach their identity to someone who you love, care for and someone who brings you happiness etc. Now you have to change this identity to someone who couldn’t give you that level of consistency, attention and  absolutely destroyed your self worth. This process doesn’t happen over night, it may take many months even years at time, depending on the type of person you are. But you have to exercise self discipline, and by that I mean even when you miss this person you have to be strong enough not to go back.

Remember never go back to what broke you!





That four-lettered word that holds a world of emotions and is thrown carelessly at unsuspecting souls repeatedly. Battered and bruised, and still they don’t stop. The laughs, the jeers, the fists, the kicks. Why us?

Waking everyday from a dreamless dream, to a terrifying nightmare, wishing we could close our eyes and never be awake again.

Depression looms, suicide nears, what do we do? Can anyone help us?

Tears are only our outsource of pain. Drop by drop, we fall against our victors. This cannot continue.

Acceptance and belief are the next step to change.

More words that holds the strength of the world upon their shoulders. Acceptance with belief, a combination, formidable even against the strongest. They can no longer hurt us. Who do they think they are. We will be better. We will be stronger. We will fight for us.

Sorrow and Success follow, two aspects of our lives, we can’t seem to have one without the other. Trust me, it will be ok. Remember the pain and build upon it.

No-one can hurt us no more. We will fight and we will win! The bully will fall and we will rise above them, united!

And it is that rise which will cause the pain the pain to be gone…


Just something to think about.

Until next time.